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The Queen Elizabeth Styles

Arrogant Styles, EU Arrogant Style, Queen & Princess Styles

Elizabeth, the Queen styles:
1533- 1603

She experienced longest than any former King or Queen in British people history. As yet her dominate as Consort was relatively short.

She was among the designers from the modernistic planetary house of Windsor, yet she was born a commoner.

And to an earlier generation she composed the Duchess of York - bringing a affect from novelty and glamor to the years of slump and depression.

Her birth came up at the same beginning from the twentieth century, generation will have their own memories of her merely for each 1 generation will have they’re own memories of her.

She was such a style of a very special kind.

In our modern world which / What girl doesn’t want to feel like a Princess, what boy doesn’t want to see himself in the image of a Knight or a pirate? queen-elizabeth-styles1
So that children, even we, serious adults, want to be reincarnated in the fantastic real heroes, heroines of kingdom. They insist to follow their styles today.

The young Queen

Queen elizabeth style

Photographers has done a huge amount of photo portraits of the Royal family, nobility and other famous British. In her works she managed to convey not only the image of the majestic royal personage, but the image of a beautiful young woman.
Dorothy Wilding, Queen Elizabeth II (year of 1952)
Queen elizabeth style001
This photo is also made by Dorothy Wilding, shows the youthful Queen with new side: we have stylish, self-confident and at the same time, a fragile young woman.

Elizabeth II:
Members of the Royal family choose clothes is not so simple. They cannot just open the closet and choose what will like. Strict rules of etiquette of dress concern all. Including the Queen.
Want to dress up as at the Court of the British Queen? Then, remember the following rules: First of all, they refer to women.
a) Everything in Moderation:
For members of the Royal family, there is one basic rule: there must be no screaming and provocative. Elegance in the first place. So no deep cuts. Dresses should always cover the shoulders.
Open the shoulders is valid only at the evening event, but in this case part of the hands must hide long gloves. The perfect skirt must touch the knees or just above. About mini-skirts, of course, even.
b) Of course no black:
Black color for the members of the Royal family are virtually taboo. Black is designed exclusively for mourning activities. It is believed that the tradition of colors in clothing introduced the Queen Mother during the second World War: its color the clothes she wanted to add the British joy and optimism. If members of the Royal family appear in dark colored clothing, they choose dark blue or dark-sulfur color.
Queen Elizabeth 2 Style
c) Luxury only small doses:
Clothes should be made from high-quality natural materials (denim, of course, is not even considered as a possible option). The exception is mechanical. He is considered too binding and luxurious, the Protocol therefore does not recommend the furs, except in special cases. However, the coat collar fur is considered to be the norm.
Queen Elizabeth 2 Style 1
d) Shorten the mane:
Recommendations and hair. They need to be or are so long that they can be put into a bun or short. Just so the wind would not blow the hair permanently and closing them, that in the photos looks quite attractive.
e) Be careful with accessories:
Strict must also be jewelry and makeup. Recommended wedding rings. During the day you can wear, for example, a pearl necklace or brooch. The evening allowed a more expressive tiara, necklace or Choker and bracelet. The makeup is banned red lipstick and dark and bright eyeshadow.

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