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Ethnic Wedding Dresses

Ethnic wedding styles lover was negotiated to give a recital on the fair’s weddings, occasion of their own country to find the ethnic wedding dress that you dream of.

How traditional music at any wedding can not miss, inviting Ethnic band at weddings has come as a natural gesture on the part of the organizers.

Even if it has no plan to marry in the near future, Some bride are always always wanted to wear at least two toilets on her wedding day,  so this year’s tangled all the stands until he found the perfect red dress.

Kimono for the Wedding Dress Look at this couple, if you enjoy the finer aspects of Japanese culture or Chinese, you’ll love our selection of paper lantern, and our introducing collection of clothing, including China and Japanese kimono costume style, even authentic.

Ethnic wedding dresses display our own heritage which we can be proud of.

Let’s take a look at a few of these different gowns to discover the beauty and grace from different cultures around the world.

Japanese Wedding Dresses:
A Japanese wedding is a beautiful ceremony which relies heavily on carefully carried out traditions.

Only family members of the bride and groom can attend. It is usually held in a Shinto Temple and performed by a Shinto priest.

Wedding-Dress-Japan-2.1 During the most traditional Japanese weddings, the bride must be painted white from head to toe as a symbol of purity.

Wedding-Dress-Japan-31 Japanese ethnic wedding dresses consist of a long white kimono called a shiro-maku.

The hair is also worn in an elaborate traditional style decorated with combs and other accessories.

A hood or hat usually covers the head to signify that the bride will be a serene, submissive and patient wife.

Chinese Wedding Dresses:
Traditional Chinese ethnic wedding dresses are usually a one piece frock called a Qi Pao.

 They are usually red wedding gowns to symbolize luck but adorned with elaborate gold and silver designs.

 Contrary to the western culture of marrying on the weekend, Chinese couples will choose a day based on their lucky numbers which can be any day of the week.

Indonesian Wedding Dresses:
  Count yourself fortunate if you ever have the opportunity to attend an Indonesian wedding. The fascinating wedding ceremonies and festivities present a unique opportunity to gain insight into Indonesian culture and social mores.

 Wedding customs in Indonesia reflect the broad diversity of ethnic groups within Indonesia. Each ethnic group has different wedding dress and different marriage ceremonies and customs and within ethnic groups, those of different religious backgrounds have different practices as well.


Angel Paris Indonesian Wedding Kebaya

These kebaya pengantin (traditional wedding costumes) along with western wedding dresses are available for rent from Butik Angel Paris here, a bridal boutique based in Indonesia. This gold dress is a little unusual in that it incorporates a train into the ke baya top.


Unlike most western wedding dresses, the dresses worn on Malay weddings are very colorful and the groom’s outfit will usually match the colours and style of the bride’s costume.

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