Mar 01

Differences Between Male and Female Brains

The facts about distinctions between a man’s and female brain:

Scientists consider that 20% of men have a female brain, and 10% of women — man’s, of course, with a set of individual distinctions. For example, women hear twice better (by 2,3 times), than men.

Women hear that the man shouts (and think that he is angry) whereas at men the feeling is created that he speak in a confidential manner, even with a certain shade of participation.

Woman hears the speaker with the help of both hemispheres (left and right), while the male is primarily using the left hemisphere involving verbal, logical thinking and, therefore, is critical.

Women have stronger connections between the two hemispheres of the brain that allows us to solve multiple tasks at the same time, and the men they think emotionally colored, subjectively perceived through their desires and anxieties, leaked through the ethical or social values. They hear what the man said, but more feel as he does it, feeling the timbre of the male voice, the rhythm of his breathing, his supposed feelings.

The left hemisphere of a brain is more developed at women, and right (so-called emotional) — at men. It contradicts that inhabitants (and sometimes even psychotherapists) think. male-and-female-brains

  Means, the woman is more involved in verbal participation and communication whereas the man is more prepared for action and the competition. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 01

The Wedding Styles of Princess Letizia Ortiz

Madrid hosted the “the wedding century”: Leticia Ortiz became the Princess

Shortly before midday on the Madrid time, former journalist and popular television presenter Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, answering in the affirmative to question the priest about wanting to marry the Spanish Crown Prince Felipe, became a Princess and future Queen of Spain, Austrian.

Laetitia was born September 15, 1972 year in the Spanish city of Oviedo. She has two younger sisters:
Telma and Erika. She attended La Gusta Reggis 1 government school in Oviedo, and then the family moved to Madrid, Leticia graduated from high school there, Ramiro De Maeztu. Then in one of the world’s oldest universities, Universalized Completeness De Madrid of Madrid, where she received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism.

Escher vo Vremya ucheby Letizia worked as a journalist in the newspaper “La Nuevana”, in the newspaper ABC and the news agency EFE. After a while she worked at the newspaper Siglo XXI in Mexico. When she returned to Spain, he continued his career at CNN Plus.  wedding -styles-of-princess-letizia

And November 1, 2003, totally unexpectedly, Spanish Royal House announced the upcoming betrothal of Felipe, Prince of Asturias and the journalist Letizia Ortiz Rokasolano. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 09

Style of the Spanish Princess Letizia

The style of the Spanish Princess: “Princess Letizia”

What are they, Princess of our time?
How to live, dream, like whether his subjects are happy?

I am afraid that we are destined to learn (unless you are friends with the Royal family):
Virtually the only thing that remains for us is to learn their style. And here we have something fun to please-elegant jewelry, luxurious costumes, exquisite accessories.

I propose today to study the style of one of the most popular princesses of modernity- Crown Princess Letizia of Spain.

In 2003, became the leading daily evening news, first channel of public television of Spain.

The heir to the Spanish throne, Prince Felipe, Letizia met in the company of mutual friends in 2002. However, a fateful second meeting was Leticia and Felipe, which occurred on the coast of Gallic, with the crash of the oil tanker Prestige. Felipe went to the crash site, and Letizia was reporting the event. This beautiful couple tied the knot in 2004 year. princess-letizia-styles

Before dating with Prince Felipe, Letizia has already managed to visit married to her high school teacher of literature, with whom she has met as many as 10 years. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 08

Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Women

Fashion & clothing for Pear shapes.

The shape is characterized by:
# She who is a small chest person,
# Narrow shoulders,
# She who has relatively small waist,
# Wide hips and curvy buttocks.

This figure is very Spectacular due to an attractive contrast between the hips and waist, as well as the delicate and elegant line of the shoulders and neck.

If you think that you are lucky and your figure too problematic, note holders of similar bodies throughout the world recognized icons of beauty and style.

Among them are Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Beyonce. We hope that in a decent company you will forget about their complexes. However, all these babes are a rare sense of style (well, maybe not them and their stylists) and know their weaknesses become strengths. pear-shape-women

Dress for Pear Shapes:

Thus, the main task of the clothes for this type of shape is a smoothing of imbalances between low bit hard and brittle. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 07

Sun-Drop Yellow Diamond

The big sun-drop “Sun drop” yellow diamond:

Next month, a big pear-shaped yellow diamond to auction
Sun drop (Sun-Drop yellow diamond Sothebys Sotheby’s published in the Hong Kong S.A.R. (10/2011 6, shooting). (c) AFP/LAURENT FIEVET”

10 March announced, Soothe auction giant Sotheby’s auction of the 6th, the world’s largest diamond 110.03 Carat yellow diamond, Geneva Switzerland Geneva 15, next month. Absentee bids was $1150000000 15 million.

The coloring material is the effect of traces of nitrogen “atomic number 7” trapped within carbon “atomic number 6″ molecules and hardened over the course of Million “1000000s” of years.

This Diamond named Sun-Drop “Sun drop” was discovered in South Africa last year. Sotheby’s represent the worlds largest as pear-shaped yellow diamonds, sparkling and decorative.sun-drop-yellow-diamond

(David Bennett of Sotheby’s Switzerland, David Bennett) President at press conference opened in the Hong Kong S.A.R., “a stunning stone with a strong presence. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 06

Important Problem and Guide for Fine Hair

Hairstyles for fine hair:
The most important problem for thin & fine hair.

The Fine hair:
Fine hair, the diameter of which does not exceed 0.05 mm, are most often found among holders of blond hair. Why hair can be thin?
The thickness of the hair, as well as the density is genetically related.

The problem of thin hair consists in lack of due volume, as a secret, allocated by sebaceous glands, weights them. Besides, if hair also rare, it can testify to beginning process of a hair loss, and in this case without the professional help not to manage.

So, what to do, if hair thin?

At care of a long and short fine hair it is not necessary to abuse the shampoos giving volume: choose the means corresponding to type of head skin (fat, dry, normal).

And for giving of volume use special masks, conditioners. Very fine limp or thinning hair should be strengthened by means of the ampoules containing a keratin and nutritious extracts. Also improves a condition of a horn layer, especially brittle hair, vitamin H.

important-problem-and-guide-for-fine-hair Here are some tips:
a) If you have thin hair, then they should be cleaned more often, because only freshly washed hair is always seem to be more dense than those that had not greasy.

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Jan 05

The Queen Elizabeth Styles

Arrogant Styles, EU Arrogant Style, Queen & Princess Styles

Elizabeth, the Queen styles:
1533- 1603

She experienced longest than any former King or Queen in British people history. As yet her dominate as Consort was relatively short.

She was among the designers from the modernistic planetary house of Windsor, yet she was born a commoner.

And to an earlier generation she composed the Duchess of York - bringing a affect from novelty and glamor to the years of slump and depression.

Her birth came up at the same beginning from the twentieth century, generation will have their own memories of her merely for each 1 generation will have they’re own memories of her.

She was such a style of a very special kind.

In our modern world which / What girl doesn’t want to feel like a Princess, what boy doesn’t want to see himself in the image of a Knight or a pirate? queen-elizabeth-styles1
So that children, even we, serious adults, want to be reincarnated in the fantastic real heroes, heroines of kingdom. They insist to follow their styles today.
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Jan 04

How is Our Information Technology (IT) Girls

How is the IT Girls:
Why is it that women’s profession absolutely cannot be associated with information technology.

It is for some reason customary to assume that the female professions absolutely in no way can be connected with information technology.

On the theme of interaction of woman and computer arose the huge amount of fables and anecdotes, which are very caustic for the contemporary woman and catch her pride.

As pointed out by representatives of the recruiting campaigns –

IT completely ceased to be exclusively male profession. Women have long, albeit tacitly, but broke down the stereotypes that they and computers are totally unnatural symbiosis.

Without looking on, then that the men continue steadily to lead in all possible directions of information technology, Shenzhen they had time to fill their there niche and to successfully take root in it. Information Technology (IT) Girls

The largest number of women among web designers and tester. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 03

5 Solutions for Thin and Thick Hair

What we need to know about hair:
If our approach from the point of vision of Anatomy,
then you’d say that the structure of the hair all the same: in the skin are bulbs that grow hair rod.

Hair receives nourishment and grows thanks to euro-vascular fans that are appropriate to each follicle. In the skin also contains sebaceous glands. They define the degree of oiliness of the hair. As far as hair growth, then this value is different for all of us.

Hair extensions to increase:
For those who have thin or sparse hair,
hair extensions is the optimal solution. With the help of a chignon or a long build up, you can create a natural volume and excellent hair.

Thin hair lacks volume and force, they are more prone to loss.

We’ll give you tips on hair care that will enhance your fine hair. If you are a hair loss problem, will help decide whether the time has come not to visit a dermatologist.

Hair extensions to increase:

Thin and thick hair

For those who have thin or sparse hair, hair extensions is the optimal solution. With the help of a chignon or a long build up, you can create a natural volume and excellent hair. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 02

Few Foods to Avoid when You’re Pregnant

Foods to avoid in pregnancy:
Today we will talk not about those products that can add extra weight to a pregnant woman. After all, it is now the most important thing is health.

However, to get rid of “doberemenny” (a kind of weight problem) gastronomical preferences is sometimes complicatedly. But this made nevertheless must be into the name of calmness.

For example, in the list of banned products during pregnancy are: sushi, “sashimi” (a kind of Japanese delicacy consisting), soft cheeses, some varieties of fish, meat and eggs.

Lovers of Japanese cuisine, it is worth remembering that when preparing sushi and “sashimi” (a Japanese delicacy consisting) is raw fish and seafood. But because there is a risk of contracting various parasites. For example, the most common of these “cestodes” (the a cerebral ganglion in its scollop). Penetrating into the body of the mother, it picks up all the nutrients and elements for the kid.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In addition, the risk of preterm birth. Of course, most respected restaurants serves quality food, but is it worth it? Better during pregnancy in Japanese shops and restaurants to choose dishes from the last heat treatment of seafood. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 01

How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Stretch marks during the pregnancy!!

During the pregnancy, a problem which is most new moms, is the fear of losing their old natural beauty.

One of reasons of anxiety can be stretch marks during pregnancy on the body. Stretch marks are small, like scars, stripes on the body.

Specially young women, particularly teenager inside, are inclined rather to it as an older pregnant woman.

When those marks appeared, they have reddish-dark blue color, then intensity of color weakens, and extensions become white and rough, in comparison with healthy skin, to the touch.

If you had stretch marks on the body before pregnancy – for example, on the breast or the poor – or the problem in their family history is not unknown, then you will need to suffer probably. Heredity is very likely.
Stretch marks during pregnancy 001
You may think “Can I prevent it”? Read the rest of this entry »

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